Hi, My name is Tristen Jessee. I am a graduate student pursuing a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling. I once lived in the city until I fell in love with a small town that I have visited on and off since I was 5. Just so happens that the small town I loved so much provided me with the man I call my best friend and husband. I am also a “youth pastor” at our church. This provides me with the opportunity to mentor a generation of students in our community. My goal with this website is to share experiences and help others in a journey to find peace of mind, body, and spirit, while having a ton of fun, making memories and staying in touch with our ever changing needs.IMG_0022

I am starting this website because for the past few years I have been aspired to live more fully. Embrace every moment. What I mean is that you can not feel a post. The actual sight, smell, taste, sound and feeling of an overall experience is what makes for happiness and a memory that lasts forever. I have to be personally involved for it to impact my life, whatever “it” is. In this blog I will not only show you my experiences but also challenge you to explore the life YOU are living because no one can live it for you. I want you to be a challenge conqueror and get the most out of your life by enjoying the simple things. Be a #ChallengeChick

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